We manufacture and release unique optical instruments as a new version of binoculars by using our lenses in the special production line in TechTradeBrooz holding. 


Optical thin film coatings have many applications in scientific and industrial technologies. Our holding performs state of the art processes in this way for manufacturing magnificent and practical productions.

Advanced Materials

In this industrial group, a vast variety of advanced optical materials and products including powders, ingots, optical lenses and windows, in different sizes and properties for visible and infrared applications are manufactured.

Optical Filters

Optical filters are devices which allow some special wavelengths of light to transmit. Our holding produces different kinds of optical filters include Narrow Band Pass Filters, Edge Filters and Beam Splitters.

TechTradeBrooz Holding


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TechTradeBrooz holding's products include three major categories, including  Photonics and Advanced materials. Photonics section divides into  optical filters, optical lenses, optical assemblies and binoculars.

TechTradeBrooz Holding

TechTradeBrooz is a manufacturer and supplier of Optical products, Photonics and Advanced materials in Iran. "Customer satisfaction is our company's motto".

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