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In order to set up parts of the optical assemblies and configurations in our holding, we implement a variety of tables that are not released in the market yet, although they satisfy the desired demands of the tests and experiments. TechTradeBrooz holding is making effort to extendedly develop optical table technology in the near future.

TechTradeBrooz holding's optical tables product line features all-steel construction, excellent thermal stability, and damping optimized for each table size. The 4 mm thick stainless steel 304L top and bottom skins have been machined, and the mounting holes have a 50 mm border at the edge of the table. Tables are available in three different types which may include sealed mounting holes, 304L or 316 nonmagnetic steel, or with through ports for cable management. 

Our holding strives to fabricate new versions of optical tables with different materials for manufacturing more efficient products, that are currently utilized in our lab and they can satisfactorily make up to our requirements.




The Kerr effect experimental setup

Our technical engineers have designed a Kerr effect setup by using our products such as optical tables, Lenses and Electromagnets. They offer this optical setup for measuring hysteresis loop of magnetic materials and thin films in the Central Laboratory facilities and department of physics at Esfahan University of Technology.

This setup is assembled on an optical table (TechTradeBrooz holding products) and is designed by using a He-Ne laser, Glan-Thompson polarizes, optical lenses with various diameters ranging from 1 to 2 inches (TechTradeBrooz holding product), photo-elastic modulators (PEM), photodiode detector, electromagnets capable of producing magnetic fields of up to 2T which its operating temperature is controlled by a water cooling system (TechTradeBrooz holding product). Photo-elastic modulators enable high sensitivity polarimetry via the high frequency (f~50 kHz) modulation of the light polarization.  The operation of the PEM is based on the photo-elastic effect (Hinds instrument).




Faraday effect experimental setup

Scientists use Faraday effect for transferring data from one place to another and it can be used in laboratories and research institutions. We assembled this setup using our products for several universities and institutes. This optical setup is fabricated using a monochromatic light source, absorptive polarizes, optical lenses (TechTradeBrooz holding products), photodiodes, electromagnets capable of producing magnetic fields of up to 2T with a water cooled temperature controller (TechTradeBrooz holding product).




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