Photonic crystallites

Fabrication of photonic crystallites MNM in order to produce a laser light of a desired wavelength. These crystallites can control the output light frequency by temperature variations. Therefore a range of output wavelengths can be supported.

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(Anti- Bullet , Anti- Explosion)

These types of glass are as same as the laminated glass. They are designed and produced on the basis of engineering calculations for specific needs and requirements.

This glass can be produced in a variety of sizes, colors and geometric and irregular shapes (bend or straight) ,depending on the type of use.

 It is applied in trade and office buildings, banks, hospitals, houses, airports , the windows of gold-ware shops and department stores, prisons and, in general, places which require high security and protection against armed robbery and burglary, disturbance, explosion, earthquakes and the like.




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The word 'photonics' is derived from the Greek word "phos" meaning light (which has genitive case "photos" and in combound words the root "photo-" is used); it appeared in the late 1960s to describe a research field whose goal was to use light to perform functions that traditionally fell within the typical domain of electronics, such as telecommunications, information processing, etc. [Wikipedia]

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